Document Shelter

Document Shelter is an AES encryption program I started working on early grade 11 at the age of 16 (2012). It was after I had written my Speech AI program. My father told me that he wanted to replace the file encryptor he had, and told me if I could make a better one, he would use it. So, on I went with building this file encryptor. It was an 8 month project, and taught me quite a bit about creating my own filetypes, as well as how encryption works. To this day I still use this program to encrypt all of my private information. This program can encrypt anything from text, to any other filetype. I had plans to sell this program at one point, but with the demise of windowed apps in Windows 8, it doesn't really fit the category of being a modern windows application. Not to mention that its only gotten harder to sell shareware. Who knows, maybe I'll release it for free one day. The video above demonstrates its funtionality.