Song Illustrator

Song Illustrator was inspired by the Novation Launchpad. I started programming this during the last bit of August 2013 (grade 12, age 17), and had been on and off on development. During late October 2014, I recontinued development and added full blown MIDI support to Song Illustrator. Song Illustrator now supports live MIDI input and output, working as a MIDI hardware device controlling the Novation Launchpad.

- Song Illustrator outputs live MIDI to a DAW (and is dependant on a DAW to direct messages to the Launchpad).
- Song Illustrator supports MIDI input from a DAW, if you want to mirror Launchpad clips on a bigger screen.
- Song Illustrator can also use multiple Launchpads to display an animation (if you happen to have more than one Launchpad).
- Song Illustrator does not prevent the Launchpad itself from being used as an input device while an animation plays.
- Song Illustrator works as a MIDI input device, and can have its MIDI output recorded by your DAW. Usefull for when you're setting up animations that will trigger on programmed buttons.

This program works with both FL Studio and Ableton Live. Its a standalone app that works as a virtual MIDI hardware device. The program creates a seperate virtual port for each Launchpad you want it to control.

Download - Google Chrome may complain the download is unsafe. It appears to be a false positive.
Driver - You'll also have to install this, or Song Illustrator will not work. This installs a driver that Song Illustrator uses to talk to your music software.